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Concepts in Training Methods revised

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Concepts in Training Methods revised

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: Academic

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Words: 275

Concepts in Training Methods
Training methods are the techniques used to equip or provide employees with skills and abilities targeting the overall improvement of their abilities and skills towards the performance of their jobs (Clark 46). There are many training methods available and used by the human resource departments. This paper discusses several concepts associated with training methods.
Behavior Modeling.
Behavior Modeling, commonly known as Behavior Modeling Training, is the concept in training methods that encourages an individual in employee training to respond and act in the same way the role model does in a similar situation as they are presented with (Pew 58). An example of such is in the case of a conference or a meeting, if the role model carries with him a notebook and a pen, the individual in employee training is encouraged to follow suit.
Experiential programs.
Experiential programs are programs organized by the Human Resource as an additional component of training methods. With experiential methods, trainees are presented with situations or experiences from which they are supposed to learn and acquire experience. According to Jackson and Jon (50),experiential programs include field trips for researchers or cooking programs for chefs and cooks where they are presented to with a program that they involve themselves in kitchen activities for the sake of training.
Team Training.
Team training is the training approach that incorpo…

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