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Concept Map

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Concept Map

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1. What is a concept map? What components does a concept map usually include?
A concept map is also called a conceptual diagram is a diagram that represents relations between ideas. It is a graphical tool that engineers, instructional designers, and technical writers utilize to shape their structure of information. Concept maps always have specific components which differentiate them from other visual tools which are used for representation. The main parts of a concept map are;
Concepts, which are defined as regularities or patterns in proceedings or a chronology of events are represented as shapes in diagrams. Linking words and phrases is expressed on the lines binding objects in the concept map. Propositional structures are statements which are meaningful and are comprised of two or more linking word. Hierarchal structure, always the most general concepts are placed at the top, and more detailed concepts are put below. A focus question that defines the main problem which needs to be solved by the concept map (Markham et al 1994). A parking lot is established in order of the most general to the most specific. Cross-links show a relation with other concepts in different parts of the concept map.

2. How to design a concept mapping activity?
Concept maps are always hierarchal having a concept that is subordinate to the main idea. This type of alignment still gives room to be added. In a chart, concept positions will continuously be changing while maintaining the same approach …

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