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Part 1
Identify and briefly describe four (4) computer devices that we use today that were not in existence 20 years ago.
The first device is the USB flash drive which is used to store information from computers. It is inserted into a USB port where it connects with the computer and can be used. Virtual reality headphones are tools that when attached to one’s head, deliver a virtual world for them. The digital pen otherwise known as the input pen is also an innovative invention of the 21st century. This input device has the capability of converting handwritten messages to digital texts and could very well replace keyboards in the near future. Finally, the SD card is a memory card that acts as a storage device in portable devices (“Unit 1: A brief history of computers,” n.d.).
Of the four (4) devices you have identified in (a) above, select one that you believe will be the first to become obsolete and explain why you think so.
The USB flash drive is bound to become obsolete in a few years because of the emergence of cloud computing which means that the storage and transfer of files are done through the cloud. Additionally, the flash drive was utilized in areas where there is no internet connectivity (“Unit 1: A brief history of computers,” n.d.). However, internet connection is slowly spreading, and soon, most computers will have an internet connection.
Select one of the computers defined in (a) above and describ…

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