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computer network security

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computer network security

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Computer Network Security
Computer Network Security
Almost every business, whether large or small, today depends on a computer network with internet connection (Kizza, 2009). The computer network technology has helped to improve the productivity of employees significantly in various sectors of the American economy (Kizza, 2009). Apart from improving the employee productivity, the network has also helped, in a great way, to cut costs of production in firms (Kizza, 2009). Unfortunately, as the technology expands and makes lives easier for many employees, it also makes life tough for Information Technology (IT) experts (Kizza, 2009). To safeguard themselves against the security risks that the networks present, companies outsource help from qualified IT companies (Kizza, 2009). The paper herein highlights the general aspects of the computer network security including the risks and tips to maintaining a safe computer system.
As days go by, the security risks facing computer systems become more technologically advanced, more organized and harder to detect (Kizza, 2009). To make matters worse, the stakes of failing to prevent these threats has also increased. Criminals now have ways of coming up with malware that the traditional anti-virus software can neither stop nor detect (Kizza, 2009). Today’s black-market avails the criminals the opportunity to acquire easily ready-made computer network malware (Kizza, 2009). The already made viruses are tried against different anti-virus system to confirm that . Indeed they cannot be detected (Kizza, 2009). Even if they can be detected, it is in a disguised form that the user would not easily view as a cause for concern (Kizza, 2009).
With these ideas in mind, it is important to distinguish network technology development from the development of network security technology (Kizza, 2009). The design of networks is a properly developed system that is based on the “Open System Interface” (OSI) protocol. The OSI protocol is flexible, easy to use and offers users a standardized model (Kizza, 2009). One can easily combine the models of different layers to form stacks that allow for the development of models (Kizza, 2009). One can later change the implementation of different layers without adjusting other modules within the same stack (Kizza, 2009). This system is relatively well-developed compared to network security design. After coming up with a robust computer network, the network security is a different stage that gives IT professionals a lot of headaches.
The safety of a computer system does not only entail the protection of the machines at extreme ends of the chain of communication. It also involves ensuring that all the data transferred through the channel are safe and tamper-proof (Kizza, 2009). Hackers mostly target the channel of communication, get the data, decrypt it and feed in an inaccurate version of the data (Kizza, 2009). Therefore, maintaining the safety of the network is just as important as ensuring the safety of the computers. The professionals while coming up with secure networks; consider elements like restricted access to the channel. Only authorized users with means of verification should be allowed to communicate through the channel. That way the channel remains confidential and the information within it maintains a high standard of integrity (Kizza, 2009).
Finally, computer network security is a very crucial sector for governments and individuals alike. The sector is projected to be the “second fastest growing” regarding job opportunities in the United States (Kizza, 2009). Apart from its employment potential, the sector is also vital regarding ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information. If the cyber criminals manage to get access to sensitive information such as bank account passwords and intelligence system servers, the nation can be at great risk. The information can be used to siphon money from bank accounts leaving the country or an individual bankrupt. The hackers could also use the intelligence information to get money from the country’s enemies and put the country’s security at grave risk.
Kizza, J. M. (2009). Guide to computer network security. Springer.

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