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A good man is hard to find.The book “A Good Man is hard to Find” is a very interesting book. It requires close attention and keenness. The book is a story of a family that decides to go on vacation, and as most vacations are, there was a debate on where the vacation should be. Bailey desires to go to Florida with his family while his mother –referred to as the grandmother- would like to go to Tennessee. Her argument was that a prisoner who had escaped from jail had last been in Florida, but it was out her selfishness that she wanted to go to Tennessee. After the fight, the grandmother finally submits and goes with them but she hides the cat in a basket. On the way, she tries to tell stories with the children but they ignore her, and the story goes on and on with the car crashing into a ditch because of the cat but what the focus here is the aspect of religion in the book.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, religion has various meanings all of which have belief in reference to a god. Therefore, “religion is a person’s way of living influenced by their belief in a supernatural being.” Such a mindset affects a person’s way of life hence their relations. In the book, Christianity is by far the dominant religion spoken of or expressed. The story was told in a way stirs one to think about it and what it truly entails.
Christians believe in one God and that this God makes one righteous. He has “gifts” such as grace and mercy by which all humanity lives failure to which all men would be dead due to his wrath. The likes above are released to whoever wishes to have them. The understanding of their belief then helps us understand why the grandmother asked the Misfit to pray. She knew that if he could agree, maybe he could receive that pardon from the Lord hence liberation. She consequently hoped that his liberty or forgiveness would lead to her salvation. By trying to appeal to the misfit’s religious senses, the grandmother got the extreme opposite of her expectation.
When the misfit saw that there was a convincing that the grandmother was trying to have on him, he got angry and more so after the grandmother said that he too was one of the children. She tried to put them both on the same level, that by being an offspring of the same father, then they could come to an understanding. It seemed like the misfit read through her to see the kind of selfishness that was in her. His judgment leads to anger that lead to despising that ended with him shooting her thrice then remarking that if someone would shoot the woman every minute of her life, and then she would have been a better woman.
The story takes violence to be a way of expressing grace, in her final moment, the grandmother is seen to be visualizing herself and having an opportunity to accept the misfit’s offer, which is death. It looked like the misfit knew more about Christianity than the grandmother did but more to that, he had given it thought. He had made further inference that if Jesus should not have raised from the dead but if it is true that he did raise from the dead, then he deserve following. If that were false, then life cannot be about pleasure, it can only be doing as much meanness as one can before his time just like he eliminated bailey’s family. Every man has a belief in something, however, cruel they are, they still believe in something.

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