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Comparison of the fiscist and nazi regimes ran by benito mussolini and adolf hitler

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Comparison of the fiscist and nazi regimes ran by benito mussolini and adolf hitler

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: History

Level: College

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Comparison of Fascist and Nazi regimes, and impact on modern day Italy
The better part of the twentieth century, especially the time around the world wars was dominated by two prominent schools of thoughts – Fascism and Nazism. Both saw a boom during the time of Second world war, when Mussolini and Hitler, their respective founders and then faces, teamed up to wage war against the Allied forces, which ultimately led to one of the bloodiest wars ever fought in history.
Where there are numerous similarities and dissimilarities between fascism and Nazism, one can see that both had their origin under similar circumstances. When one talks about the immediate rise of fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany, one finds three common denominators that underline both.
Firstly, both the countries were nationally frustrated. In the First World War, Italy had suffered one of the major blows through the death of almost 600,000 nationals, in addition to monetary loss. Moreover, the treaty of Versailles, signed just after the end of the first world war to prevent any more from happening, snuffed Italy by assigning it only S. Tyrol, when the original promise had been that of a significant part of land. The same treaty, on the other hand, completely obliterated Germany’s position and ability to function as a country. Not only did the country lose 7 million soldiers, but also a major part of its land. Additionally, any form of self-defence and self-det…

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