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Comparing Reference Services

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Reference Services Comparison
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Reference Services Comparison
We decided to write our report on the World War II, and the Canadian Involvement in that war.This is a subject full of historical importance, and we expect find plenty information to use. We intend to conduct our research mostly using online sources. In the same way, we aim to compare and contrast what we can see, what we have researched, and what we have surveyed.
In this report, we are asked to write a reference system comparison, in order to gain thorough understanding of the subject. However, regardless of our research being web-based, the reference system stays the same. We shall group every system we used, and report our search experiences separately, afterwards, we shall group them and contrast them.
In-person Research
We went to the Halifax Center Library. When we first talked to the librarian via phone they were really kind and gave us pointers on how to research accordingly on the subject we were looking. However, the lady we spoke to encouraged us to go there personally, which we did.
We will refer to our research in 5 basic items, found in the Guidelines of the Successful reference interview from American Library Association (2015), these are: Approachability; interest: listening/inquiring; searching; and the follow-up.
1. Approachability: As we stated before, the lady on the phone was really kind, the same happened with the lady at the fron…

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