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Compare Workplaces

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Compare Workplaces

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Management

Level: University

Pages: 2

Words: 550

M2D2: Compare Workplaces
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M2D2: Compare Workplaces
There are learning techniques shared by Costco, United Parcel Service (UPS), JCPenny and Steelcase Inc. All these companies are affiliated with teamwork and training as a technique toward effective output [and productivity] (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). At Costco; all the employees, the managerial staff and even the CEO work together to ensure that all the customers are treated as expected. They are all placed on a similar pedestal; making it easier for them to respect one another as team members. Additionally, UPS also delineates that its employees learn the skill(s) and achieve productivity due to training and team work (Hoffman & Bateson, 2016). These service providers receive training as much as possible to ensure that the craft is well-understood. During training, they mingle with other service providers; therefore, showing that team work is part of their learning technique. JCPenny’s learning technique also revolves around a program through which the employees receive substantial training (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). There is a team of employees, under this program, who ensure that the organization(s) is up and running. Finally, it is evident that Steelcase Inc. also trains its employees and ensures that they work and thrive in teams. They are also trained visually by replicating the skills grasped during virtual training(s). Like the other three organizations, at St…

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