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The diamond necklace is a story told by (Maupassant & Richmond, 1971) and is set primarily in the Loisel’s apartment in the Rue Des Martyrs in Paris, and it mainly took place in the 1880s. Mathilde dreams more of being rich than being noble. Mathilde also fantasizes of oriental tapestries, the precious bric- a brac in coquettish little rooms and also tall lamps of bronze. This suggests the fashion of the time. The period of the late 19th century also called the “Belle Époque” was the time of modish fashion and spectacular wealth.
A change in the setting would automatically mean that the whole idea of Mathilde working for ten years in search of money to replace the necklace would also change. It would also mean that she would not have gone to borrow the necklace in the first place.
The setting of Miss Brill story is in a park in the “Jardins Publiques”as illustrated by (Mansfield, 1910) and this suggests that it’s a French city. It is in the park where Miss Brill goes to her special bench and enjoys listening to music from the band and also watching people. The time is fall, and this is because the leaves have turned yellow. There is a chilly atmosphere that is a bleak and an austere mood. It is also evident that the city is a small place and also along the coastline because the sea can be viewed from the park. The city is small because the highlight of the town is the band playing during the week…

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