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Compare and Contrast the persona of Goddeses Hera and Athena

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Comparison and Contrast: Hera and Athena
Greek mythology is a rich and broad subject, encompassing both men and gods in a mélange that makes up a sizeable part of the ancient Greek society. Hence, these series of stories and tales about deities were considered as history by the Greek population, rendering these figures sacred and honoring them in temples and shrines. Consequently, it is safe to say that the ancient Greek religion was not an isolated part of the society. Instead, it was closely intertwined with the lives of men, as they believed that gods were capable of directly influencing their decisions. However, these influences were not otherworldly as those of the current monotheistic religions. Instead, Gods could take human form and meddle in the mortals’ conflicts and lives to favor or disgrace them. For this reason, Greek gods serve as deities tailored to fit their believers. This means that the gods not only have a clear and delimitated function in the polis, but they are also terrene and understandable by the average denizen. Thus, Greeks did not have an almighty, all-seeing God that is clearly superior and sees men as a creation. On the contrary, they had a vast pantheon of gods with particular functions that shared qualities and emotions with them and whose inner politics were close to those of the Greek city-states. Therefore, given the living nature of the ancient Greek mythology and the lack of written records …

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