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Compare and Contrast Pair of Artwork

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Compare and Contrast Pair of Artwork

Category: Common App Essay

Subcategory: Art

Level: College

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Words: 275

Compare and Contrast: “Battle of Issus” and “The Standard of Ur”
At a first glance, both pieces seem different, but there are a series of highlightable likenesses that make them similar. For instance, both works depict a battle, yet in the case of the Standard of Ur, the second panel also shows the subsequent peace. Also, both pieces are mosaics, which increases their likenesses. Nevertheless, both mosaics’ styles are substantially different as two millennia of artistic evolution separate them. Likewise, judging the Standard using current level of realism as a guide would surely trump an adequate analysis of it. Consequently, when contrasting both works it is possible to attest the technical advancements that occurred in the two millennia that separate both works. On one hand, the Standard measures 8.5 x 19.50 inches and the Battle of Issus, 8 feet and 11 inches x 16 feet 9 inches. The difference in size might seem casual, but it shows how the technique evolved, allowing artists to achieve a greater degree of realism.
Moreover, the Standard of Ur shows a narrative sequence, an astonishing feature in such an ancient artifact. However, while the Battle serves a decorative function the Standard of Ur’s is not clear as archeologists have not yet decided whether the mosaic served as a chest or as a musical instrument. Ultimately, both mosaics represent similar scenes that show battles, which tells us about the necessity m…

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