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Compare and Contrast Essay between Assyrian and Persian empire.

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Compare and Contrast Essay between Assyrian and Persian empire.
The Persian and Assyrian Empires were the first empires to be recognized in the world. The Assyrians were powerful and ruled from 900 to 600 BC, and were later joined by the Persians. The Persian Empire took over power in 550 BC and they ruled with an iron fist for a long period of time. They were both situated in the current Middle East and were known to be monarchies. However, the empires had various differences between them that made people distinguish them with ease.
The Assyrians were more autocratic with a centralized form of government. The Assyrian King was seen as powerful figure that was respected by all the people. This made the people to be viewed as slaves who were supposed to work for the king when need arose. After conquering other regions, the Assyrians also oppressed other people while exploiting them. The outer parts of the kingdom were vital as they were used as colonies for the Assyrians. On the contrary, the Persian King was not regarded as a dominant figure as he treated all the people with fairness. The subordinates and all the Persian people were seen as part of the major society. Each section of Persia had a governor who was seen as an equal partner of the whole empire.
The Persians were also seen as better administrators when compared to the Assyrians. This made the Persians to rule over large regions which were not manageable with their Assyrian c…

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