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compare and contrast between Christianity and Islam

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compare and contrast between Christianity and Islam

Category: Quantitative Research

Subcategory: Religion

Level: College

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Compare and Contrast Between Christianity and Islam
Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in the world today. Both religions are Abrahamic religions, giving some reference to Abraham and other patriarchs mentioned in the Christian scriptures and Quran. Followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims while the followers of Christianity are referred to as Christians. The religions intersect in many stances, especially on the foundation of peace and the authority of God over people. However, profound differences exist between the religions touching on the fundamental religious doctrines. The current paper will give an account of the major differences and similarities between the religions.
The major difference between Christianity and Islam is the source and view of authority among the followers of the religions. The Christians believe in the sole authority of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the son of God. Further, Christians revere other prophets and apostles who propagated the work of Christ such as the apostle Paul. The Muslims, on the other hand, believe in the sole authority of Prophet Muhammad. They believe that Muhammad was the last prophet of God; therefore, he has the sole authority over the religion. The Islamic religion does not recognize the role of other prophets in the religion. Although the Muslims believe in the existence of Jesus, they do not believe that he was the son of God; in fact, they consider it a great sin to call a man the son of God. The Quran admits to the birth of Jesus as a prophet, not as the son of God. The view of Jesus as the sole source of authority for Christians and the reverence of Muhammad among the Muslims creates a big gap between the two religions.
The practices carried out by the Christians, and the Muslims create a difference between the two religions. Christianity is founded on church worship, prayer at any time of the day, sacraments for some denominations, and communion. On the other hand, the Muslims practice a unified model of prayer where the followers of the religion pray five times a day at specific intervals. Additionally, all Muslims are expected to fast during the month of Ramadan as opposed to Christians who fast any time of the year. The Islam religion has more organized practices while Christianity allows its followers the freedom to make own choices. The Christian religion allows its followers to use statutes and pictures to represent God while the Islamic religion does not allow the pictorial representation of God. The goal of the Christina religion is to obey God while maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus and spreading the good news to other people. On the other hand, the Islam religion’s goal is to follow the teachings of Quran to gain access to paradise.
Both Christianity and Islam religions carry out charitable activities to help the marginalized communities in the society. Additionally, both Christians and Muslims believe in the sole authority of God. Both religions accept that God is the creator of the universe and deserves respect from all humanity. Further, both the religions agree that God is a gracious, just judge whose existence is necessary in the world. The sovereignty of God is indisputable in both religions, thus making both Christianity and Islam monotheistic religions. The commitment to Jesus and Muhammad among Christians and Muslims respectively makes the religions unique from one another.

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