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Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Music

Level: College

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WRIT 110 Compare and Contrast Grids
The Compare and Contrast Grid will help you understand your documents’ rhetorical situation and content.
Text # 1.
Use specific examples! Text #2.
Use specific examples!
Publication Information Who is the author? Beverly Hogue
Laura Keating
What is the title? Mc- faculty all scholars’ day schedule and info
All scholars day puts all eyes on students
What kind of writing is it? If it was published, where was it published? Published writing. On the school’s website: www.marietta.edu
Published writing. On the school’s website: www.marietta.edu
What is the date of publication/date written (if available)? Not available
25th April 2013
Content and Rhetorical Situation What is the text about? Who/What, does it describe? The text informs all members of the faculty or the teaching staff to attend the all campus picnic held at Marietta college on April 20th 2018.
It describes the kinds of activities that the teaching staff may engage during the All Scholars Day.
The article describes the events as they occurred during the All Scholars day, specifically performances of individual students. The author describes the goal of the scholarship celebrations and how the event on the day affected other daily activities. (All Scholars Day). It explicitly recognizes the fantastic presentations of one of the students, Amanda Hardt, who majors in advertising and public relations. The author also na…

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