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Effective communication is very essential in the business environment. However, its main purpose in business is to impact a change to influence an action. In a workforce, communication encompasses purpose, audience, content and mode of delivery. Poor communication would lead to decrease in productivity and, as a result, the business will incur the loss. Also, a workforce that has efficient and effective communication can achieve the set business goals.

While working in a candy stall in one of the local malls as a cashier, our manager decided to draft a mandatory email that was sent out to all the employees working in this candy stall about a new policy regarding dismissal or punishment of the employees who shall be caught eating candy products without being granted permission from the supervisor. It was noted that most employees had a bad habit of eating candy often hence causing the business to gain little profits. This made the manager get upset with the disappearing of products meant for sale and that why he decided to give a warning to all employees through sending a memo via email.
On the other hand, for a communication to be effective there must be elements that foster it for instance, purpose, audience, content and tone. Moreover, in our case I found the communication to be effective in several ways. First, the purpose of the communication was instructive and informing whereby our manager gave directives by commanding behavioral change within the organization (Bisen & Priya, 2009). Each and every employee was informed about the new regulatory policy that was imposed thus everyone was cautious. Secondly, the content of the information was clear and concise thus it was easily understood by all the recipients since the language used was comprehensive. Thirdly, the use of email was factual since the manager based his allegations through facts that employees were eating candy products. This could be proven by the little profits gained from the sales that were contradicting with the cost of goods for sale. (Guffey & Loewy, 2013).
In conclusion, this effective method of communication made a positive impact in the business since it started gaining its normal profits hence there was the positive behavioral change of employees. However, the new policy imposed made the employees fear to lose their job or penalized therefore . As a result the communication was effective.

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