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Communications 3

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Communications 3

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Communication

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

The first ten amendments that got done in the house of the Congress make up the bill of rights. It should get noted that the bill of rights gets geared towards protecting individual rights of all the citizenry in the US. There are the various significances of the ten amendments to the bill of rights. For instance, according to the first amendment, every citizen is given the freedom of speech and religion. This aspect has boosted inclusivity in the state since everyone takes responsibility for their voice and one can feel free to air their grievances about how they get governed (Amendment, 1791). Religious liberty gives every individual right to conform to any religious denominations within the country.
Another importance of the bill of rights relates to the amendment that stipulates that every individual has the rights to bear arms. This fact is essential since it intends to do away with all the militia within the country and therefore enhance security in the streets. This aspect equally means that one is entitled to self-protection and self-defense against acts exposing them to harm. The bill of right also recommends that citizens have the rights to privacy in their houses. Individuals get protection against unreasonable searches and seizures (Amendment, 1791). This aspect is crucial since it ensures every citizen of the American land has the right to privacy.

Question 2
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Any press in any country as much as favored by the freedoms of speech and press has responsibilit…

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