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Communication Techniques and Diversity

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Communication Techniques and Diversity

Category: Coursework

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Level: College

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Speaking with people with difficulties speaking English.
Talking at a slower rate gives time for the ESL person to hear and listen to my words. Upon slowing the pace, enunciating make the listeners understand what I say. I make sure my pronunciation is clear, and I pause where necessary. At times, I try to reduce the complexity of my sentences and vocabularies unless where necessary. Secondly, I usually apply body languages in support of my words. Hand gesture helps in giving context to my speech and can provide different messages. I also use the head position and facial expressions as a speaker. I once used the two techniques while speaking to a Kenyan visitor to the US who was inquiring on how we trade with foreigners in an export company I was working with. I found it effective and the client always requested to negotiate with me anytime he came.
Effectively serving older customers.
Anytime am serving older clients, I allow them extra time. They are usually nervous, lack focus and have the increased need for information. I usually plan for that anytime am handling older clients. I don’t rush them nor appear uninterested even when am not. The other way I do is to avoid destructions. An old person needs to feel that one has appropriately attended him/her and that quality time has been spent on the services. For this reason, the older client needs to be assisted to do simple things that may divert his attention and avoid asking irrelevant …

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