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communication plan

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communication plan

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Management

Level: Academic

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Communicating Plan
Deliverables/descriptions Type Target audiences Delivery method Delivery frequency Responsible
Status reports
The employees ought to show good behavior and character that will lead to effective implementation of the organizations marketing plan.
Embrace the use of technology in dissemination of information to increase levels of customer satisfaction.
Enhance coordination amidst employees at various departments of the organization The expectation is that all the members of the organization will participate in the implementation of the plan. The management and the initiators of the plan will have the opportunity to visualize the context of the plan firsthand. Journal ads, internal memos, email, phone contact among method will facilitate conveyance of the message to all stakeholders.
The dissemination of the message will take place monthly, of which the assessments for the previous months will guide the process in the subsequent sessions. The project manager has the duty of ensuring that the contents of the plan corroborate with the intended message for the target audiences. The manager also has the duty of communication the requirements of the plan to the rest of the team members.
For the local community, the agenda is to increase sensitization that will motivate the people to coordinate with the team in sharing their views about the plan. In turn, the ideas will encourage commitment of all in advancing the goal of changing the behavior of audiences. An open plan will sensitize people in all levels of administration. At the communal levels, the targeted audience includes employees and customers. In communicating with the group, the presenters will engage with audience directly by allowing exchange of ideas through stand up presentation. Brochures and newspapers ads among many other forms of communication will facilitate coordination. At times, the conveyers of the message will use word of mouth. The communicators will disseminate the message at least twice weekly for audiences in different regions. The process will proceed until all receive the message The lead analyst at the local level will incorporate the values of the people at the communal levels in the plan. He/she will assist the management in conceptualizing the needs of the people in the local community as the preference of people vary.
For remote members, the plan will communicate the desire accomplishments within a specified period.
The plan will communicate to the employee the significance of the use of the plan. This include messages such as developments of understanding and increase in pay if the program succeeds Feedback system will be used in ensuring that levels of awareness will increase among the participants using the plan The use of technological devises such as the webcast will facilitate conveyance of the message to all the group of stakeholders who should receive the information since they are at the center stage of facilitating the actualization of the new marketing strategy. During the process, the communicators will relay the message via boards to employees during training sessions as they are the major target audience Technological devices and social media platform will facilitate conveyance of messages outside the work environment Employees will hold sessions frequently in an attempt to ensure everyone is acquainted with the details of the plan The lead analysis will orient the rest on the suitable methods for incorporating the technology in communication.

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