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communicating with your legislators

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communicating with your legislators

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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Student Name
15th August 2015Stephen Lynch
United States Congressman, Boston.
One Harbor Street, Suite 304,
Boston. MA 02210.
RE: Using Health Records to Implement Individualized HealthCare.
Am writing this letter to bring to your attention one of the hot issues that require attention to achieve better health care and improve the quality of care provided in our health facilities. Patient records are a reliable source of information on the trends and causes of their illnesses. Most of the conditions leading patients into hospital beds are detectable and preventable and do not require advanced resources at the early stages. With the numerous health hazards like obesity, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, Arteriosclerosis, stroke, and cirrhosis among others, there is need for intervention with individualized care to help avoid such illnesses.
Recent Health Bills have mandated the physicians to dig into the patient’s personal issues that may be the causes of a condition, aimed at improving care and reduce the probability of repeated incidences. A move to use records to provide individualized care will strengthen such bills while improving the care provided. Though the ratio of the caregivers to the population is not favorable, the chances are that individualized care will significantly reduce the number of hospitalized patients due to preventable conditions. A recent move to offer health consultation online wi…

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