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Common Good and Dignified Care for the old People

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Common Good and Dignified Care for the old People

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Common Good and Dignified Care for the Old People
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The purpose of this essay is to discuss a healthcare issue that threatens common good all over the world. In other words, the aim is to identify a single unique problem and address how it does so and how it affects society. Similarly, it enlightens on the fact that common good means; meeting the needs of all individuals. We are all aware that the richness of the word “common good” has been concealed by the distinctive and rational culture in America. Also, sometimes the church’s has portrayed the tendency to use the term “common good’ as an ordinary word rather than a robust methodical tool. In healthcare, recent studies beg the question whether the old people as treated and valued the same way as others. How does lack of dignified care for the elderly undermine the common good? What is the stand of the Catholic Church on this issue with relation to the concepts of the common good? The essay is an insight-giving piece on these and other questions and concerns.
Common Good and Dignified Care for the Old People
The common good is one of the unique norms upheld the Catholic Church. There are other ideas and concepts held dearly by this church including solidarity and unique option for the poor. However, the latter has been less successful at portraying enduring vitality. The idea of the common good started many centuries ago, and the Catholics have been insistent…

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