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combining ideas

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combining ideas

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Boxing and Military Training
Boxing has deep roots in our western culture; the sport dates way back to Greece and Rome, and originates in the deadly battles of the coliseum. However, boxing as we know it today started in 1741, when Jack Boughton developed the first set of rules that would be used in the prizefights and bare-knuckled fights. In the same way, the modern version of boxing we know today stems from John Douglass’s set of rules. These rules contemplated the use of gloves, and the three-minute rounds. Boxing as a fighting style has three styles: the Pure Boxer, the Boxer Puncher, and the Brawler. Those three styles have their benefits, and their set of drawbacks. During basic training, all soldiers learn lessons on close combat, and on how to defend themselves with a weapon. In this essay, we shall speak about how the military uses a great deal of hand to hand combat compared the boxing tournament training. In the same way, we aim to show how the military uses hand to hands techniques to defend themselves in combat.
Through the years, the army has depurated its hand to hand combat, from elemental boxing to a combat system called Modern Army Combatives (M.A.C.). M.A.C. were develop during World War II. The style teaches simple and effective combat techniques in situations with or without a weapon. This style is most used by Special Forces, or units that require a more direct approach to enemies. The …

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