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Comaprison between two articles read them carefully

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Comaprison between two articles read them carefully

Category: Cover Letter

Subcategory: History

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Words: 550

Comparison of articles on Bayt al-Hikma
Bayt al-Hikma, which translates literally to the “House of Wisdom”, was a vast library and research institute which helped in the scientific and technological advancement of the Muslim world. It was an important part of the translation movement, wherein the scientific studies and researches of the world, mainly from countries like Persia, India, Greece and so on were translated into Arabic and thus acquainted with the Muslim world. This article compares two articles detailing the importance of Bayt al-Hikma, and expounds on how the two have shed their own light onto the Institute.
In their article The Significance of the Bayt Al-Hikma (House of Wisdom) in Early Abbasid Caliphate (132A.H-218A.H), Kaviani and his fellow researchers attribute Bayt al-Hikma to be the part of the changing ideology of the Muslim world during the Translation movement. Having conducted a study to determine the exact effect of the Institute on the world, they recall the common thought process of Muslim during the first century A.D., when they more concerned with spreading the teachings of Islam and Islamic studies. Muslims of the times paid attention only to syntaxes, religions, theology and so on. Through the timeline of the translation movement and its general impact, the Kaviani and his fellow researchers have tried to establish the importance of the Bayt al-Hikma CITATION Kav12 n t l 16393 (2012), which was …

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