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College students should be remunerated for their athletic prowess

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College students should be remunerated for their athletic prowess


Athletics in College can be one of the most fulfilling extra-curricular activities a student can participate. Athletics helps build a sense of comradery, improve students’ health and enables them to develop holistic thinking (Jones and Harris 12). It is thus a sad and unjust affair when these college athletes, having poured their hearts and soul into their respective competitions, do not receive remuneration from their respective institutions. This is highly detrimental to the athletic progress of such students. This may manifest in that it may discourage them said students from pursuing a career out of athletics. Given that, most of the students who engage in athletics in college are highly talented not walking the path of a professional athlete may prove a waste of their talent and furthermore, may deter them from their calling. Students should thus be offered remuneration for their athletic prowess in college.

Thesis Statement.

College students should be remunerated for their athletic prowess.
History and scope of the student competitive industry.
In the United States, NCAA athletic games have become increasingly popular over the years. In popularity, 12% of the population name college athletics as their favorite. IBroadcasting networks such as CBS and Tuner Broadcasting make billions off the games annually. This season is appropriately named March Madness. During this period, college ath…

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