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Cost of Education and Student Loans in America
The escalating fee for tuition has caused major controversy since after the World War 2 during at a period when the workforce was so slow from the after-effects of war. At the same time, the higher education was thriving to (or “intending to”) pursuing additional for the sake of looking for stable livelihoods and successful careers. Quite some family households started running on debts to cater for school fees for their children for their children. Except Military academies, the US Federal government doesn’t give a direct support to those who need higher education. However, it provides grants and as well loans, dating back to the civil war. The paper aims to discuss the cost of education that is facing student’s loans in America and the various ways through which the government, parents, students and other stakeholders can help avert this hardship education situation.
The US is rated top in the cost of education in the whole world. Public institutions have no have to power to take control over the resources used by revenue, the government. Student loans are the major reason there has been a continuous escalation of tuition in the US (Cox 67). Student loan limits continue to rise, and thus the increased level of taking out loans for students to take out loans communicates to universities and colleges that students can afford the cost of education. To respond to this situation, the institu…

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