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Collaborative negotiation

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Collaborative negotiation

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Collaborative Negotiation
Collaborative Negotiation
The American Heritage Dictionary defines collaborative negotiation as the ability of two interested parties to confer with one another with the aim of striking an agreement. Being a collaborative negotiator is not an easy job, it requires more than learned skills to beat a mean competitive bargainer to strike an agreement (Adamson, 2016). In most of the cases, competitive bargainer does not care about the relationship between the two parties, the quality of the product in question, and the goodness of the product. Competitive bargainers are only concerned with striking the deal based on the lowest possible price on behalf of their clients. Therefore, a collaborative negotiator must be up to the task and match the skills of the competitive bargainer. Below are pieces of advice on the skills that a collaborative negotiator should use to match the mean competitive bargainer (Adamson, 2016).
i) Negotiation is all about preparation. Therefore, before stepping into the negotiation room, the collaborative bargainer must adequately prepare herself or himself. The negotiator must come up with the goals and the alternatives to those goals. The negotiator must also research on the competitive bargainer to highlight the possible weaknesses. The negotiator should also strive at formulating possible questions (Adamson, 2016).
ii) An excellent collaborative negotiator should possess active listening skills. Act…

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