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Colic Journal Entry

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Colic Journal Entry

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Journal Entry: Pediatric Treatment of Colic
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Journal Entry: Pediatric Treatment of Colic
This week entails coming up with a journal entry of my reflection dealing with a gastrointestinal disorder issue for a pediatric patient. In my practicum, I dealt with a three-month-old baby with colic pain. The gastrointestinal disorder is mainly associated with infants as young as two weeks (Brennan, 2017). From the practicum, I learned that the exact cause of the disorder is not known, which explains why there is no clear way of helping children with the condition. I also learned that the condition is common and affects between one and five infants in the first few months after delivery (Nordqvist, 2017). The symptoms that the baby showed include intense crying that implied pain expression. The baby’s parents were very cooperative and provided information that facilitated easy diagnosis. They pointed out that the child had bodily tension, stiff legs, tensed abdomen, clenched fists, and arched back at home, which according to Mayo Clinic (2018), are all symptoms of colic. The parents were also willing to oblige to the doctor’s instruction on how to manage the condition, including soothing strategies like the use of a pacifier, and giving the baby warm births, rocking the baby, rubbing the tummy, and dimming the lights (Mayo Clinic, 2018). They were also willing to undertake trial changes in diet, such as formula changes and the mothe…

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