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Cognitive Development Revised 5

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Cognitive Development Revised 5

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Cognitive Developments
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Cognitive Developments
Jean Piaget’s Biography
Jean Piaget is the father of Cognitive development theory, born on August 9, 1896, in Switzerland and later died on 16 September 1980. In the family of Arthur Piaget, his father, and Rebecca Jackson, he was the eldest child. At the age of eleven, while still studying in high school he wrote several articles about cognitive development. Eventually, these writings marked the beginning g of his scientific career (Neisser, 2014).
While in University, Piaget studied Natural Sciences and obtained a Ph.D. in Scientific field. Piaget after that published two philosophical essays based on “adolescence work”. It is at the University that his interest in psychoanalysis became stronger as he made advancement in cognitive development study. He later left for France where he studied Alfred Binet experiment. He created an institution for carrying out a test for intelligence measurement, therefore, standardized the test of cognitive development and did several experimental research on the growth of mind (Smith, 2000).
In 1923, he married Valentine Chatenay and had three children, Jacqueline, Laurent, and Lucienne. Piaget spent his time studying cognitive development of infants. Therefore, this became the foundation for his work in studying cognitive development of children (Neisser, 2014). He did various studies on psychological development with an ambitio…

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