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Cloud Federation

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Cloud Federation

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: College

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Cloud Computing Federation Annotated Bibliography
Kurze, T. (2013). Cloud Computing and Load balancing. SDN Basics for service providers, 1 (2), 2-3
This journal explains the meaning of cloud federation as a practice of bringing together two or more service providers with an aim of load balancing hike in demand and traffic. Cloud federation ensures providers rent out or wholesale resources to other willing cloud providers. Depending on the federation agreement between providers a resource can become permanent or temporary concerning cloud computing environment. Kurze highlights how cloud federation offers benefits to cloud providers by allowing them earn revenue from resources they provide which would have been underutilized or rendered idle. Providers also get freedom from the cloud federation to expand their geographic business space and satisfy new demands without creating new points of presence (POPs).
The idea behind this article is that every service provider has to follow cloud federation aspect of transparency to customers when providing services like billing support system and cloud provisioning. The author breaks different mandates of every cloud provider in knowing the extension of service-level agreements with their customers and how or when to provide information to data provider centers.
Bernstein, D.& Demchenko, Y. (2013). “The IEEE Intercloud Testbed — Creating the Global of Clouds”, Cloud Co…

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