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clothing styles among young adults as my material culture example for these countries.

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Clothing Styles among Young Adults.
Material culture is a discipline that analyzes the interrelationship between individuals in society and their things, how they make, history as well as how preservative they are. Each generation, however, diversified has the responsibility of maintaining as well as protecting its heritage (Dannehl, pg3).
The Chinese material culture dates back to the Paleolithic periods. Materials used were of animal skins and decorations from small stones as well as animal teeth. Later on the basic features of Chinese clothing created the general pattern used in making blouses and skirts. Clothing pattern occurs on the political position, social status, occupation, and gender. An example is the fact that dragon embroideries and bright yellow usage for emperors only. Purple was meant for the highly ranked officials while the higher the level of status in life the more embroidery your clothing would contain. With the change in fashion trends, some of these are still common up to date. An example is a Chinese suit, Cheongsam, Manchu, and the Chinese tunic suit (Adshead, pg 17).
The Iranian material culture in fashion involves subtle embroidery, delicate lace as well as hand-beaded items that characterize the country’s traditions among the women. The men dress in traditional outfits that include the Pirahan Shalvar and the Jameh combination. The preserved Islamic culture of the country shapes the materials and colors …

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