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Climate Change and Global Warming

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Climate Change and Global Warming

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Physics

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Climate Change and Global Warming
In the current times, climate change presents the biggest challenge to the existence of the human race. Climate change and global warming is already taking place and it represents one of the biggest environmental, economic and social menaces that are facing the planet. Human beings as this paper will discuss are the biggest contributors, if not the sole contributors, to the climatic change and global warming that is experienced on earth today. The human activities such as urbanization and industrialization have led to the introduction of new chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere, water bodies and the surface of the earth. These have led to the destabilization of the various ecosystems that exist on the planet while also leading to global warming and melting of ice at the arctic. The social and economic effects of global warming and climate are also discussed. These range from the effects on the employer and employee, to the customer and the society at large. Solutions to these problems will be provided and discussed in little but important and pragmatic detail.
38100381000000The rising temperatures of the climate system are explicit, as it is now perceptible from observation of the average global temperatures of the air and ocean bodies, extensive melting of ice, glaciers and snow at the arctic and on top of mountains, and the rising global mean sea level. The average temperature of the surface of the earth has taken a rise of 0.76°C from…

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