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Climate Change – A Call Unanswered

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Climate Change – A Call Unanswered

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Logic

Level: College

Pages: 9

Words: 2475

Climate Change – A Call Unanswered

Climate changes have brought about more harm than good to the prevailing environmental conditions. The major cause of such drastic changes includes the warming of earth’s atmosphere through greenhouse gasses. Industrialization also plays quite a crucial role in the development of such environmental conditions. Different damages in climatic conditions includes, increase in sea surface temperatures and ocean temperatures, threatening conditions of ecosystems’ diversity, and most importantly, development of permanent changes in behaviors of different species (commonly known as phenology). Phenological phenomenon includes alteration in reproducing seasons for different animals and birds together with severe modification in birds’ migration towards different parts of the world. Moreover, the climate changes have also brought about changes in the behavior of butterflies along with different species that includes vegetation. However, the escalating sea temperature another contributing factor for inflicting damage to marine ecosystems and coral reefs. Apart from that, human systems are also quite prone to such massive changes on environmental and climate scales. In this regard, people living in small island states and indigenous communities are on the verge of extreme danger. The danger is both direct and indirect in nature. It encompasses the development of severely tough conditions for living and in severe cases, can lead to the exti…

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