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Category: Essay

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Understanding the Scriptures
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God created the world and was amazed by His work. He created humans in his likeness and gave them authority over the animals of the land, sea, and air. However, humankind started drifting away from God when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Since then, God has given humans an opportunity to redeem themselves of any transgressions that they may have committed. God uses the scriptures to communicate with humans. Understanding the scriptures should, therefore, be mandatory to all believers. In the quest to understand the source of the scriptures, terms such as inspiration and inerrancy are common. The term canonization of scriptures is often used when discussing the survival and preservations of the scriptures. The term revelation is also used when referring to the manner in which God Manifests Himself to humankind. The bible is well written with no errors because God is a perfectionist. God was fully involved when writing the scriptures where He guided the men who wrote the Bible.
Understanding the word of God starts with recognizing the sources from which the scriptures were outsourced. The word inspiration is used when discussing who wrote the bible and what may have motivated or inspired them (Geisler & Nix, 2012). God inspired everyone who contributed to the writing of the scriptures. Although God used men to write the scriptures, He made sure that he had authority over what the…

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