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Class Room Dynamics and Student Adjustment and Attitudes

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Class Room Dynamics and Student Adjustment and Attitudes

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Class Room Dynamics and Student Adjustment and Attitudes

Class Room Dynamics and Student Adjustment & Attitudes
Bullying is a social crime and should be prevented under any circumstances. However, the ground reality is that, bullying occurs across the world, at different ages and in different contexts. Bullying not only causes humiliation to an individual, but also has negative influences on his or her emotional stability. Bullying occurs on the basis of race, ethnicity, academic performance and other comparative factors which are manifested in individuals. Therefore, there has been a strong need across the world to prohibit bullying. Various laws and punishments are in place and has been formulated, but with very little effects. Therefore, it is up to the true conscience of human beings who witnesses bullying and stands up against it. A strong resistance against bullying is the major factor, which can inhibit or prevent the incidences of bullying. Children are prone to bullying by their peers and friends in classroom settings.
Various personal traits have been associated to prevent or to stand up against bullying. Such factors include the perception of bullying by others who witness it, the empathy and apathy levels of those individuals which are instigated and the level of self-efficacy and determination to stand up against bullying. It is possible that individuals could very well differentiate between bullying and associated behaviors. However, they …

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