Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering
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euphrates river

Conflicts of River Euphrates Name: Institution: History In Western Asia, the longest river is the Euphrates, which originates in eastern Turkey. The river flows via Syria and Iraq joining Tigris at Shatt al-Arab. Euphrates sources include river Murat us and Kara Su where they meet in Turkey a place called Kepan. The primary contributor to river Euphrates is Turkey that supplies a total flow of 89%. It is preceded by Syria amounting to 11% of the Euphrates' flow. The Figure shows that 89 percent of the total flow from the Euphrates is supplied by Turkey becoming the main source contributor to the river. Syria becomes the second contributor to the river flow. A study conducted in the...

Target Value Design and Lean Structure in Construction

Target Value Design in Construction and Lean Working Structure Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Target Value Design in Construction Introduction Target value design enables constructors to come up with a design that meets customer values and delivers the expectations of a project (Ballard, 2008). In short, target value design involves setting the cost and ensuring that the project design is in line with the cost. It is an old idea, but it was not until recently that people in construction started considering it as a fundamental aspect of project management. Target value design originated from the 1930s when manufacturers used it as a method to reduce their production costs so that...

Reasons for the Design of the new ipad

Reasons for the Design of the new iPad Name Institution of Affiliation The new iPad design consists of indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO), a material, which makes up the transistors, which control the pixels in the display. IGZO solves more problems as compared to the amorphous silicon, which you find in the previous generation of iPads. First, it enables screens to have a higher resolution while consuming considerably less power by 57%. Secondly, transistors made of IGZO are much smaller yet they can pack more pixels into a given space. Finally, it is also possible to use in screens of other product such as televisions and not just in iPads making it more useful than other materials. The source...