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“Why we procrastinate” as the student’s eye-opener in navigating learning and life challenges
Procrastination not only cause failure to students but it is also detrimental to an individual’s future since this habit can advance and become a full-blown crisis if not addressed early. It is a practice where one intentionally postpone a task which is supposed to be completed, to a later date. It can be seen as something simple during the early stages but it can grow to be a dangerous issue as it can be carried over to future, and this can impact a person’s daily life, work, or performance. Vik Nithy, in his TED talk speech “Why we procrastinate” offers numerous reasons why individuals postpone tasks. Similarly, it suggests ways students can employ to solve this issue. “Why we procrastinate” talk by Vik Nithy is a must-watch for all students since it will not only help them eliminate frustrations resulting from late-rushing, but it will also help them improve their performance which goes a long way to affect their future.
As per Nithy, individuals, in most circumstances postpone tasks due to numerous reasons and duties which are unattractive is an example of the cause. The talk is delivered in a manner that not only enables students to confront daily challenges but also entrepreneurs. The speaker’s success compounds this, yet he suffers from post-HSC. This triggers student’s thoughts to question themselves of success when they comp…

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