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China’s one child policy

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The Implications of the “One Child” Policy in China
In this essay, we shall focus on the political; economic, and social implications of the China’s “One child” policy In order to do it, we shall use all the references at our disposal. That way, we will be able to write an unbiased piece while keeping an academic tone. We intend to divide our essay in three parts to properly unfold the discussion. In the first one, we shall introduce the subject, and give a brief historical introduction to the reasons of the policy. The second part will be devoted to the discussion. In the discussion, we shall speak about the political; economic, and social implications of the policy, and how it affects, or could affect the country. Last, we shall conclude our essay with the future of the policy in the country if it is going to end, and the changes it has suffered.
The history of the Policy. Family is the most important of the institutions. That is something we all have clear. If family crumbles, the fabric of the society, crumbles with it. During the Mao’s period, China experienced substantial changes, not only in the politic sphere, but also in the social issues regarding childbirth. In the 1960s, Mao’s policies encouraged parents to have as many children as possible, as he believed that the way to make the country grow strong was through childbirth. However, in 30 years, from 1949 to 1970, the population ha…

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