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child’s health and veteran homelessness

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Child’s health and Veteran Homelessness
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Child’s health and Veteran Homelessness
Children’s health is essential for their development, school readiness, and wellness. As a parent, one must consider promoting their child’s health through broadening positive influence on child’s physical activities. Also, by managing proper eating lifestyle and promoting policies that enhance positive and healthy living both at home and in school (Pediatrics 2013). Schools are a part of a child’s life and their involvement in ensuring positive health is essential. As such, schools must ensure they provided mandatory physical education since inactivity is the biggest threat to child obesity (Datz. 2018). In addition, compulsory recess program must be included in the curriculum to help in child’s cognitive, emotional and socio-physical development. Lastly, what children eat determine their state of health and therefore, proper eating diet and healthy foods should be improvised on schools menu (“The National School Lunch Program.” 2017). The National lunch program must ensure children have access to affordable and healthy lunch at schools (Gunderson, 2017). This will help reduce cases of obesity and underfeeding among children, boosting their health.
Homeless veteran is becoming a major social issue in the United States especially with the changing demographics of homeless veterans. However, the logic to eradicate homeless veteran…

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