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Childhood Trauma

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Dealing with Childhood Trauma in Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Childhood seems apparently the most simple and uncomplicated part of a human life. But, in reality, childhood is not that ideal and untainted as popularly believed to be. An adult person deals with trauma or psychological incompetence by applying his/her experience in life. But, a child does not have that experience to understand what is going on and how he/she is being affected by the unconscious and unrealized fear (Krabbendam 328). Trauma is the result of a dreadful incident and it plays the significant role in shaping the childhood of a person. The Ocean at the End of the Lane (2013) is a novel by Neil Gaiman where he has used an unnamed narrator for developing and narrating the story.
The protagonist is highly imaginative and his imagination is the dominating content of the novel. Being an introvert, he has developed his own defense mechanism to prevent the fear of darkness and loneliness in his childhood. However, the novel is a flashback. The idea of other world generated within him from his several real and figurative encounters with death. At that tender age, he did not understand the logic behind the death. Being an imaginative fellow, the ignorance about death led him to personify death in terms of monsters. His perceiving power informs about himself that he culminates those things from several story books as monsters, flowers, a …

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