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Child labor

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Child labor

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Child labor is common in third world countries as compared to other parts of the universe. Children are subjected to heavy domestic work, as well as farm work in order to earn a living for them and also to provide for their families. A good number of children do not enjoy their rights to good nutrition, health, and education. The primary causes of child labor are discrimination, poverty, forced labor, and lack of child protection.
Education has been an important and most effective way of reducing child labor. According to the latest studies, education on child rights, labor laws, and social protection have brought up a significant change on child labor. In the developing countries such as India and Kenya, there has been the provision of free primary education which ensures that all children of school-going age are enrolled in schools. Access to education is also emphasized in the millennium development goals. Access to education has proven to be critical in decreasing child labor since it prevents such abuse and also rehabilitates children that were formally subjected to child labor. There have been campaigns on educating people on the importance of educating the girl child since girls are mostly subjected to child labor in poor states while boys are in school. People have now been educated on gender issues and inequalities which are major contributors of girl child labor. Girls are now transformed and educated. It is through education that girls are now able to access decent…

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