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child abuse in chicago

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child abuse in chicago

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Child abuse in Chicago
According to federal law, ill-treatment of children is any act or any failure to act on the side of the parent or the caretaker of the child that quickly results in the death, fierce emotional or physical harm, or sexual and abuse exploitation of the child. In that such acts or failure to act on the parents exposes the child to higher risks of severe harm this has been explained by Connor, 1960. The definition stresses on the neglect on the part of the parents and the caregivers and the child that is supposed to be protected against the abuse refer any person who has not attained the age of 18 years.
Ill-treatment of children and maltreatment do lay the grounds and become the reason for a large percent of all types of crime in future at the same time being one of the cruelest and brutal crimes among the ones that we know. According to the statistics, children who experience child abuse are more likely to commit crime or to be arrested as an adult as well as they are more liable to commit the violent crime in future than children who have never been exposed to this kind of interaction.
Child abuse occurs in a variety of ways for several reasons. The most common types of child abuse are and are not limited to; Emotional Abuse, Neglect, Sexual abuse, physical abuse, Family violence and arranged sexual abuse.
There exist differences between Discipline, Punishment, and abuse; as the discipline aims at helping a child grow up with some self-control as it involves teaching, guiding and explaining the wrong behavior of a child and how such situations can be corrected. It aims at setting standards that can quickly correct misbehavior while ensuring a lot of respect. Punishment, on the other hand, includes threatening, yelling pinching, pulling ears, snatching favorite things from the child and twisting arms in the attempt to deal with a wrong behavior of a child. While abuse involves inflicting pain on the child that can lead to repeated bruises that appear on the face, arms, throat, thighs, and even the buttocks, cigarette burns, rope burns in the attempt to correct the wrong behavior of a child.
According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data Systems from the United States shows that about 12 out of every 1000 children undergo several maltreatments according to the statistics collected in 2005 it has been expressed by Doyle, Timms and Sheehan, 240. It gives a ratio of 3:250 for the abused children to those who have never been maltreated.
The recent statistics shows that there are about 3000000 children abuse cases being reported annually in Chicago whereby two-thirds of the abuse cases go unreported, 5 deaths occur every day as a result of child abuse and about 59% of the abuse are due to the neglects on the side of the adults who are supposed to take care of the children. The statistics show that in every 10 seconds an abuse case must be reported in Chicago. The statistics further shows that ill-treatment of children is witnessed in all socioeconomic levels, developmental levels, religion, national levels and even in the educational institutions, the concerned has been expressed by Lonne and Parton, 836.
Emotional, psychological and physical effects on kids who suffer abuse include; the child may be slow to learn, talk or walk, such children are very passive, and they don’t want to be recognized. They often have feeding problems thus they end up growing slowly, they are very cautious and watchful when facing adults, they experience a lot of difficulties in developing close relationships with their friends. They may become too much friendly to the strangers thus they can further be abused, they cannot play original games, they often have low self-esteem, and they are easily distracted as well as perform poorly in school as expressed Pullman and Seto, 206.
Ill-treatment of children and maltreatments lead to some of the unfortunate outcomes in the society. Wells et al, 160, expresses concern that most of the children who at one point were abused sexually or physically have the risk of suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, they are more dependent on drugs and alcohols, they can easily be abused again even when they are old, and they are easily at risk of engaging in deliquescent activities. Such kids are prone to committing robbery with violence; they defile others.
Child abuse cases have been so rampant in the country of Chicago. An abused child does suffer mental torture, they feel not accepted in the society, and such makes them find themselves in the streets. In the streets, such children are prone to be used by the rich who used them to realize their dirty dreams. They are normally used by the rich to ferry drugs after they have been introduced to drugs. Some of them end up becoming robbers thus a threat to the peaceful coexistence in the society.
The majority of the children who are abused run to the cities to hide from their threats as some of their threats are the people who are very close to them. When in the streets they suffer more as they cannot even find what to eat on their daily basis, they are at times forced to pick foodstuffs from the dustbins. Such make them contact other illnesses. Some of them suffer to the point of their death.
It is there a need to ensure that every right of each and every child are looked into by every adult and the fellow children as they can easily identify when their Age mates are being abused somewhere. The parents also should ensure that they protect their children as much as possible. They are supposed to give attention to their children and provide everything to them to ensure that they don’t find themselves in the risky places. The parents should leave the care of their children in the hands of very competent caregivers such the children are always safe. The caregivers should be in a position to report to the parents about any weird behavior they might notice with the children.
The government should be strict when it comes to dealing with dealing with matters relating to child abuse cases so that those who are prone to mishandling the children are dealt with accordingly. Also, there should be policies that are directed towards taking care of the abused children so that they can continue to enjoy life just as the other kids in the society. All citizens in Chicago and the rest of the world should be aware of the rights of the children and always protect such rights.
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