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Inorganic chemistry

C|H|E|M|3|8|1 COMMUNICATIONS Homogeneous Catalysis of Transition Metals with Nanoparticles Shayan Khan Department of Chemistry, McGill University, 801 Sherbrooke Street West, H3A2K6 Received December 4th, 2015; E-mail [email protected] Abstract – Nanotechnology is a technology, science, and engineering that is conducted by creating and modifying the properties of particles in the range of 1-100 nm. The field has explored the traditional fronts of chemistry and brought them forward to completely new horizons. Homogeneous catalysis is another domain of conventional chemistry that has been explored using transition metal nanoparticles (NPs). Usage of nanoparticles in the...

support the continuation of the US implementation of Nuclear Power

Student Professor Course level Date Support the continuation of the US implementation of Nuclear Power Nuclear power is sourced from the core of atoms of specific elements. The core of an element is also called nucleus, which is held together by a lot of energy. Once the nucleus of an atom has split the energy used to bind it is released and tapped to provide electricity that is used for domestic and commercial purposes. USA is the world number one producer of nuclear energy, with over 100 nuclear reactors power plants across the USA. Based on 2014 statics from the nucleus energy institute, it was noted 19% of total energy spend across America was sourced from nuclear energy that had produced 798...

Nanotechnology and catalysis application

Au Nanoparticles: Catalyzing Cancer Research Au Nanoparticles: Catalyzing Cancer Research Introduction Metallic nanoparticles are quite widely used in different applications including catalysis, drug delivery, and cancerous tumor treatment. Among the noble metals, gold (Au) nanoparticles have exceptional properties to be used for cancer therapy and diagnosis. In this domain, special areas of interest include enhancing molecular therapeutics understanding for cancer because the conventional approaches to solving the problem are inadequate with the lack of specificity of normal and cancerous cells. It also deals with the very domain of severe toxicity and degradation of the quality of life...

Steroids vs herbal medicine

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Chemistry 2nd November, 2015 A Comparison between Steroid Based Medicines and Herbal Based Medicines for the Treatment of Inflammation Inflammation is a condition that occurs as a manifestation of an immune reaction which is marked by pain, swelling and redness. The symptoms are a complete triad and occur together. This condition severely decreases the quality of life in a patient. Inflammation can occur under various circumstances. It is caused by an increased activation and reaction of immune cells to the damaged tissues of the body or foreign antigens (may or may not be in the form of an infection) which affects the body. Inflammation is associated...

The Uses of Polymers in Medicine

The Uses of Polymers in Medicine Name: Institutional Affiliation: The Uses of Polymers in Medicine Research Question: What are the uses of polymers in medicine? Review of Literature Biomaterials are materials other than drugs or food that are contained in diagnostic systems. They are usually placed together biological fluids or tissues and can be used in the medical sector as coatings in drugs or patches of trasdermal. They play a vital role in corporeal materials like contact lenses to dialyses and implant devices. Practitioners in the medical field have been known to cure ailments or replace defective body parts with different substances. This has made the use of polymers common in the...

Iodine-131 in medicine

Name Instructor Course Date Iodine-131 in medicine. Iodine-131 is an explosive, radioactive isotope of iodine represented by a symbol (I). It was first revealed through research by scientists Glenn T. Seaborg and John Livingood in 1938. However, this study was conducted in the laboratories of the California University. Iodine-131 is produced when a stable form of iodine called iodine 127 is placed in a nuclear reactor and fission is done using uranium atoms. Iodine 131 emits both gamma rays and beta particles. Iodine 131 emits both gamma rays and beta particles. The average energy delivered from gamma ray is 364 keV. The maximum power produced by beta particles is 600 keV, and the...

Au nanocrystals

Novel Methods for synthesizing Gold Nanoparticles Name of the Student Professor’s Name Course Novel Methods for synthesizing Gold Nanoparticles Introduction There has been a global revolution in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is now increasingly being applied in the field of medical and technological sciences. Nanocrystals are one of the important materials in the field of nanotechnology. The nanoparticle is defined as that particle whose one of the dimensions should be less than 100nm. Such feature helps in various properties exhibited by these substances1. For example, nanoparticles of silica have unique light emission properties that are not feasible by the amorphous or bulk...

Everyday activities/foods that illustrate chemical principles

Name: Professor: Title: Date: Everyday activities/foods that illustrate chemical principles Introduction Daily activities and food intake can easily be described through understanding of the binding principles of food chemistry. This is the process of interaction between non-biological and biological properties of food. Food that that demonstrate chemical principles and daily activities provide information that is related to theories of phenomena, rheology, chemical thermodynamics and forces of interaction among others. Such information is known and readily accepted not only by nutritionists but also other individuals who interested in the subject matter. The idea of food chemistry and daily...


THE ROLE OF DNA AND RNA IN REPLICATION Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Introduction The standard view of molecular biology says that DNA keeps information about all our proteins and that they exist three types of RNA. Which, actively transform the codes to polypeptides. Of the three, the mRNA is responsible for transporting the information from the DNA to the ribosomes. The ribosome that converts the codes to amino acids.Deoxyribonucleic acid, or commonly referred to as DNA, is a molecule that is found inside every cell and which contains genetic information, (Hall 2011). The parent transmits the genetic information stored in the DNA to the offspring during reproduction. Two...