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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Application Letter

Level: University

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Words: 275

Advocacy Skills
My experience has built on the compassion I have for helping the oppressed in the society. By once being a victim I have a better understanding of the kind of intimidation and frustration an assaulted person undergoes. When I was having a hard time and felt burdened with an unwanted pregnancy, I came across amazing people who inspired me into wanting to be an advocate. During this period I did not have a person to share with all what I was going through. The fear of being a disappointment to my parents and friends would not allow me to confide in them. Luckily, a reasonable attorney came to my rescue and helped me through having a safe and legal abortion.
This gesture of good deed to me made me want to give back to the society (Dimond). Therefore, I volunteered to be acting like a victim advocate at a local crisis battered women’s shelter. Here victims of rape would come, and with the aid of other volunteers, we would give them the moral support they require and encourage them not to give up on life. As I was offering my service in such place, I got to gather more experience on how to handle victims with caution. Witnessing the positive impact of my effort has made me want even more to be a professional advocate. It is this burning sympathy that drives me into developing my advocacy skills while still in Law School. I want to nurture my skills so that I may expound on my horizons and be able to voice the cry many victims. Fo…

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