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Chasing The Dragons Report

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Chasing The Dragons Report

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: IT Technology

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A Report on Medical Definition of Chasing the Dragon
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A Report on Medical Definition of Chasing the Dragon
This is a script written by Roxanne Dryden-Edwards, MD and has its last editorial review on 5/13/2016. It talks about the phrase “Chasing the dragon” as used medicinally. The correct medical explanation for that phrase is when drugs like opiates and heroin are exposed to high temperatures, and then the user inhales the smoke (MedicineNet, 2018). According to Shaw, the term has also been interpreted to mean “chasing a bad thing” intentionally without caring about the repercussions (2012). The script says that “the more the dragon is chased, the more difficult it gets to reach close to it.” In most circumstances, it is impossible to reach the dragon. Fighting drug use may be even more challenging when one has mental disorders since the drugs tend to mask the symptoms (Elder et al., 2011). The author describes that he would not prescribe medicine as the first option since the individual with Co-occurring Disorder will already be experiencing the side effects of substance abuse. Instead, cognitive behavioral therapy would be better initial steps (Ekleberry, 2014).
I think that the author’s medicinal explanation is simple and can be understood by most of the youths who fall victims of substance abuse. Many teenagers end up being trapped in their own mistakes when they decide to consistently abuse substances without c…

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