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Category: Analysis Essay

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Level: High School

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According to Aristotle, a capable man must be in position to provide for his own needs. In Homer’s, the Iliad, Achilles has been given all characters of a man who deserves to be in a community based on traits, although he was not the main character (Homer & Peter, 1). In Greece, he was the best fighter in Trojan War. His parents were mortal Peleus and Nereid. When he was young, the seer prophesized his importance in the city, the city was not to be taken without his help (Hunt et al., 1). Her mother knew that when he goes to Troy at the early age, his destiny will be death. Although he was aware of that, he went ahead to make his own choices. He was a self-sufficient person with his senses. Another aspect of self-sufficiency is for women; he is described as one with many romantic episodes in Greece. He was given various rewards for producing many romantic episodes in Troy (Hunt et al., 1).
Achilles was also the well-known warrior. He was in the position to duel Hector well. Hector was aware that he couldn’t fight with Achilles; he opted for reaching in agreement with him. Thus, this is a clear proof that he was a brutal warrior in that society (Homer & Peter, 1). He was complicated because his brutal emotions had made him have mortal feelings (Hunt et al., 1). Thus he was neither a beast nor a god.
When Agamemnon encountered him, he failed to be brought by him because he claimed that his life was more important t…

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