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Changing Patterns of Global Manufacturing

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Changing Patterns of Global Manufacturing

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Changing Patterns of Global Manufacturing
1. Lower labor costs account for more than a half of China’s price advantage; this is because it has greatly reduced the labor component directly. In addition, the productivity of the workers in coastal mainland China and its environs is higher as compared to many other nations; this can be seen in the fact that the Chinese manufacturers, for example, can save more than fifteen cents on the manufacturing dollar for their labor costs. This is due to the rapid economic growth in the Asian countries and the tight labor markets. In addition to this, This increase in productivity has in the long run adjusted the Chinese wages.
2. Most regional and national economies develop more in clusters than in isolated industries. For example, the Pearl River Delta region in Huizhou has developed broad range of clusters in garments, electrical goods, plastic products and textile, this is because the cluster is strong and accounts for the majority of Chinese production in many industries. The industrial network clustering of the industries generates significant distribution and production benefit as it speeds information, provides direct cost reduction benefits to the price, reduces transportation, fixed and operating costs
3. Some of the factors that have an impact where US companies manufacture goods are such as the currency strength,this is because the value of the US dollar as compared to other currencies is more important for co…

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