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Cell Phone impact on society. Argument Analysis Using the Toulmin Model

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Cell Phone Impacts on Society
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Cell phones have become very important and a staple of our society. Currently, everyone starting from school kids to senior individuals own at least one. The essay focuses on the impacts attributed to the cell phone in the society some drawbacks about constant connectivity as well as mental temptation associated with the cell phone. The essay is related to the given article “Calling Blue.”
The fact that mobile apps and texting have eased our lives, the way we communicate has also changed. Cell phones have changed how human communicate. Agribusiness has made working for family scarce, and young Americans still learn too much about firm life and farm animals which the author says is news they cannot use. It implies that communication styles have changed as due to cell phones invention. The author argues that it would be a relief if we teach kids about 2007 things like A.T.M.’s cubicles and ring tones. It, therefore, indicates the significant changes in how humans currently communicate as a result of having cell phones in the society(HEFFERNAN, 2015).
The claim is that children should not be taught about the farms life. The author claims that children should not be taught about stuff like milking a cow. Instead, children are supposed to learn about things like ring tons, A.T.M.’s cubicles, best buys, and cup holders. The article claims that long since working family firms became scarce, lit…

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