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Celia, the slave

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Celia the Slave Character Analysis
The book Celia A Slave by Melton McLaurin provides an insight of the plight of slaves in America in the helm of slavery and civil revolution. Through a clear account of events, McLaurin explains how females slaves were mistreated by their masters. Celia a nineteen-year-old female slave is continually sexually molested by his master ever since she was purchased from another slave owner in the adjoining county of Audrain. After several years of sexual assault, Celia murdered her master and was charged and executed. Although, murder is punishable by death or life sentence, the events surrounding the death of Celia’s master Robert Newsom does not warrant execution. It is evident that Celia never intended to kill Newsome but only wanted to protect herself from the sexual assault (McLaurin, Pg. 43). Therefore, Judge Hall’s decision of executing Celia was not morally upright. In fact, the sentencing could encourage other masters who were also mistreating their slaves to continue doing so as they could have a feeling of support from the court.
Overview of the events and Characters
Robert Newsom purchased Celia when she was nineteen years old. The first instance of rape came on their trip home after the purchase. McLaurin speculates that Celia was bought as a substitute concubine for his wife who had passed away. McLaurin suggests that Newsom required more than a hostess but rather a sexual par…

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