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Causes, short term and long term impacts of the French Revolution

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Causes, short term and long term impacts of the French Revolution

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The Causes, Short-term and Long-term Impacts of the French Revolution
The French Revolution, which was an event that shaped European history, occurred from 1787 to 1799. This period was characteristic of the power and riches of the French monarchy under the authoritarian rule of King Louis XVI. The regime’s rule was typical of a feudalism system with the nobles and clergy, specifically, the Catholic Church enjoying preferential treatments while the peasants languished in an arbitrary social structure. Even so, the revolution demolished this system of government and was vital in institutionalizing a representative government, a constitution, and democratic space for all individuals. The modern world and many other revolutions traced their foundation on the French Revolution as it had a far-reaching consequence in Europe and America. For this reason, the causes, notable events, and impact of the revolution are vital in understanding its influence on the French History.
The monarch system of government in France was increasingly becoming unpopular among the population because of its arbitrary use of power and exponential privileges. The individuals in the King’s inner circle such as the nobility and clergy received preferential treatment unlike the rest of the population and this aspect breed resentment. There was also an increase in wealthy and prosperous commoners such as the manufacturers, professionals, and mer…

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