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Causes of Brain Drain

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Major Brain Drain Causes
Brain drain is the rapidly developing menace which is growing at a faster rate like a disease. And it’s due to both increased globalization resulting in migration trends. The resultant influencing factors that motivate individuals to relocate are also analyzed. This paper discusses the various planned and unplanned means through which Brain drain manifests and imprints itself in the social fabric of the society. Furthermore, it explains the relationship between brain drain and migration policies and demand among a country’s population in search for greener pastures. It establishes a justifiable background on the concept based on the different scholar’s perspectives and further goes ahead to validate this through the analysis of significant causes of brain drain and its manifestation in the society. It concludes by analyzing the various scholarly analysis and interpretation of brain drain and its relative causes about the resultant implications to the economic prosperity of an economy.
 Keyword: Brain drain
Causes of Brain Drain
Brain drain is the migration of intellectuals away from their origin (nations) to use their knowledge and skills in another country.
The main factor that motivates brain drain to manifest in the society entails:
Incentives and Lucrative Opportunities
Globally competitive incentives and opportunities are the primary causal agents of brain drain. These incentives and opportunities …

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