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Catholic Church

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Catholic Church

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Religion

Level: College

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Catholic Church
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A Protestant visiting a Catholic church for the first time is surprising particularly when finding out the manner in which it is different from the usual church and, in particular, the church building, furnishings, and arrangement. The Catholics seem to their express their belief through statues, stained glass windows, and paintings that are spread throughout then church building. Attending a mass at a Catholic church seems different from attending prayer in a normal Protestant setting. The Mass is fundamental to the worship life of a Catholic, and the rites and traditions have been followed for centuries, and traditions of the local Catholic Church is reminiscent of the traditions of ancient Latin practices. This paper explores personal experiences of a Protestant Christian attending a Catholic Mass for the first time.
Architecture of the Catholic Building
The Catholic Church building is different from the other Christian church buildings, and the other buildings that surround the Saint Andrews building. The Catholic Church much like other churches it is a meeting place for a large congregation of people, and with its deep and rich traditions that stretch several centuries. The holy water at the entrance of the church added to the intrigue of the church and the awe that first-time visitors accord the place its spiritual and artful place (White and Mitchell, 2003). The church is obviously b…

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